VĖLVIL is a lifestyle brand focused on utility, craftsmanship and sustainability. We create high-quality, practical products from natural, long-lasting, and recycled materials.
Additionally, we offer customization and monogramming options, allowing clients to create one-of-a-kind items that are uniquely theirs.


The story of VĖLVIL began with our passion for table tennis. As avid enthusiasts, we were driven to give our racket the treatment it deserves by designing the world's most exquisite, functional, durable, yet eco-friendly racket case. Our aim was to create not just a protective cover for our beloved tool of the game but also a reflection of our unique style and individuality.

We selected full grain metal-free natural leather, recycled cork, and top-shelf Italian zipper and
combined it with traditional Portuguese handcrafting to create a ping pong paddle case every
player would be proud of. A case that would last a lifetime and acquire a patina of memories.

Through a long journey of trial and error, countless prototypes and Aha! moments, we learned that the road to excellence is paved by having form follow function and utilizing materials of the
highest quality. Once the racket case was completed, we were inspired to apply the same approach to everyday items such as a wallet, mousepad, shoe bag, etc. All details and functional
design elements were reworked and elevated to the highest level in terms of quality, usability,
and longevity.

As we continue bringing our ideas to life, we hope to change the “disposable shopping” mentality of today’s society and help the environment by creating exceptional products that our customers can enjoy for many years to come.