Custom leather ping pong paddle cases
Custom ping pong racket cork
Quality coloured leather skins

Customize our products with you favorite leather type, leather color, zipper color, zipper metal finish, stitch color, as well as cork design.

Custom table tennis cases can be made with or without handle or front pocket and can be furnished with black, grey or biege rubber-safe lining. We also produce custom brass dies featuring your logo for debossing the leather.

Free 3 letter monogram is included with any custom order

Leather type/color

1. Chrome tan (carbon neutral) full grain bovine leather, top-shelf quality with 100% blemish free smooth surface, 1.2mm thick, scratch and water resistant, 60 colors:

2. Vegetable tan full grain bovine leather, classic Italian Vacheta, 1.6-1.8mm thick, can have some natural imperfections, will acquire patina (scratches/stains) and get better with time, 20/27 colors:



- Custom table tennis racket case - €400

- Custom table tennis racket case without handle/pocket - €350

- Custom table tennis cork core with your design/logo - €50

- Custom mousepad - €100

- Custom wallet - €80

- Custom shoe bag - €50

- Custom hot stamping tool - €70

Specialty leathers, such as croc, snake, aniline etc. are extra.

*All custom orders are final sale. No returns or exchanges will be allowed. 2-4 weeks average delivery time.

Please use the form below to provide details. For any questions regarding custom orders please reach out to us via

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